My Client Builder is an exit intent and non-intrusive technology plugin with additional features to get users to subscribe to your newsletter and also spend more time on your website. Provided that the plugin also encourages people to spend more time on your website, you will also improve your website SEO in the process.
my-client-builder screenshot 1
my-client-builder screenshot 2
my-client-builder screenshot 3

This plugin was development to replace annoying pop ups that come up every time a user tries to watch a movie, or read a content or even make a purchase. This technology only comes up when a user tries to leave the website. The purpose of this technology is to act as a last action plan to convert a new visitor and a way to get new and returning visitors to discover more items on your website. The subscription tool allows you to grow your email subscription base. The trending page option is a page that allows you to showcase pages that you want new and returning visitors to see before they leave.

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