• Wix FAQ
  • 1. Why doesn’t the light-box pop up all the time?

    The app uses the user’s cache to prevent the light-box from popping up too much to the point that it becomes annoying to your user. Once the user clears their cache or browse your page from a different browser, it’ll pop up again.

  • 2. What does exit-intent mean?

    Exit-Intent: Is a technology that tracks visitor activities as they navigate your site, usually by monitoring visitor cursor behavior. When abandoning visitors are detected, an exit overlay is triggered with a targeted offer that entices users to sign up, opt-in, or make a purchase.

  • 3. What is your best feature?

    The ability to get a leaving visitor to sign up to your newsletter, make a purchase, and browse one or more additional page(s) before leaving your website. This means more time on your website and better search engine optimization.

  • 4. What about your software/approach makes you stand apart from the competition?

    It increases conversion rates/ sign up and gives visitors an easily accessible way to browse more pages on your website before leaving. This unique access allows you (the website owner) to drive traffic to the pages that you want users to spend the most time on, therefore leading to a boost in revenue and/or search engine relevancy.

  • 5. Can I upgrade at anytime?

    Yes, you are allow to upgrade or downgrade or discontinue the app at any time.

  • 6. Do you offer refund?

    This is a matter that’ll be handled by WIX.

  • 7. What kind of information can I put in the ‘Lightbox window’?
    • Call to action

    • Links to products you wish to sell a lot of

    • Links to pages you wish to draw traffic to

    • Subscribe form submission email (Premium version)

    • Messages

    • Special offers

    • Upcoming events

    • Images with call to action.

  • 8. Do you store our client email on your server?

    No. We do not store your client’s email on our server.

  • 9. Can I add a video, advertisement, in addition to a call to action or newsletter sign-up?

    No. We only allow images, call to action and subscriptions. We are not offering these options at the moment. These are features that we plan to add in the future.

  • 10. Do you provide reporting on the data collected?

    Unfortunately we are not able to do so. However, we hope to include that feature in forthcoming updates.

  • 11. Where do subscriptions get stored?

    Subscriptions will be emailed to whatever email address you provided when setting up your campaign.

  • 12. Do you provide refunds?

    No we do not. You can discontinue our service at your own convenience

  • 13. On the client builder page, what do the following entries mean:
    • Your Notification Email? - The provided contact info of any new subscriber will be sent here (see "7")

    • Subscription Button Label? - This user defined feature allows you to modify the contents of the subscription box located in the light-box (e.g. Subscribe For Surprise Deals).

    • Subscription Title? - This further defines the content contained in the label above.

    • Link to Product Page? - Also user defined, this link provides access to the page or product you want to showcase inside the light-box

    • Product/Page Name? - Here the user can provide a title for the page or product to be advertised

    • Upload Product/Page Image? - The Image uploaded here is added to your in-site light-box to better capture a leaving visitor's interest.

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